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How Can I Tell If My Samsung is Original or Refurbished?


Easily verify if your Samsung phone is original or refurbished with simple methods like dial codes, third-party apps, and IMEI checks. Ensure transparency and make informed purchase decisions to enjoy a positive smartphone experience.

- Updated: 29th Feb 2024, 15:20 IST
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     1. Use Dial Code
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    2. Third-party Apps
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    3. Check Consistency of IMEI
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    Bonus Tip
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    Refurbished Samsung from Cashify
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Today’s smartphone market is so dynamic that prices always go up, many buyers go for refurbished ones due to their cost. Normally, used devices can have similar operational efficiency as new ones and sometimes even warranties. Nevertheless, it might be problematic for customers to differentiate between refurbished and brand-new smartphones. There are several sure ways to check if your Samsung is original or a refurbished one.

To address this matter properly and make the buying process transparent, here we are mentioning the three easy ways to check if your Samsung phone is original or refurbished.

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 1. Use Dial Code

One simple way of doing this is using a dial code available on most Samsung phones. Just open the dialer app and type ##786# (or ##786#*# if not working). Once you enter the code, scroll down until you find “Reconditioned Status”. If it says “Yes”, then the Samsung device is refurbished, or if it shows,” No” then it is an original unit.

2. Third-party Apps

For some recent models of Samsung which may lack a dial code feature, third-party apps from Google Play Store provide another way out. By downloading any well-known phone info app, users will come across Refurbishment Check among other features in the menu. It gives users all the nitty-gritty information on whether their Samsung device is an original or a refurbished one. This will alleviate buyers’ anxiety.

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3. Check Consistency of IMEI

Another technique that may be used is checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of your Samsung phone as one way to identify if it is refurbished or original. Discrepancies in the IMEI number often reveal refurbishment. They have to get into their device settings or call *#06# to confirm the IMEI number which they can then compare with the one on their retail package to ensure that they match and have not been tampered with.

Bonus Tip

Go To Settings>About>Model Number, there’s also an easy way to find useful information about a phone. In case a model number starts with “F,” this could imply that a device has gone through refurbishment. This is the easiest method to check if your Samsung phone is original or refurbished.

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Refurbished Samsung from Cashify

If you want to get a refurbished Samsung phone, think of buying from Cashify for a no sweat process. Here is how you can buy one in just five steps:

  1. Access the refurbished phones tab on Cashify’s store.
  2. Make your selection as Samsung, among the different smartphone brands available.
  3. View all the phones on offer and choose as per your liking.
  4. Check the device’s condition which falls under the Refurbished Good or Refurbished Superb category.
  5. Select your desired phone, add it to your cart, and then pay for it via Cashify.

Welcome to life with your new refurbished device!


In conclusion, these strategies answer the question, “How to check Samsung is original or refurbished?” alongside considering other factors like date of manufacture and seller reputation are invaluable in making informed choices when purchasing smartphones to have a happy experience. This ensures that consumers who buy Samsung devices will never feel cheated or misled by them because they are open and transparent about everything. This holistic approach to verifying the authenticity of Samsung smartphones gives buyers an upper hand in making decisions that are accurate and bring about a good user experience.

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Want to purchase a refurbished phone or sell your old one? Cashify is a trustworthy platform that provides a smooth experience with doorstep service. You can also repair your mobile phones by scheduling an appointment with Cashify. Refurbished mobile phones come with a 6-month warranty and a 15-day replacement/refund period.


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