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Refurbished Smartwatches come in 4 variants - Open Box, Superb, Good & Fair. Still puzzled? Check out explanatory videos to learn more.
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Cashify, a seller of used smartphones, has raised $90 million from NewQuest Capital Partners (NewQuest) and Prosus.
Re-commerce platform Cashify plans to open 80 new retail stores across the country by March to capitalize on booming demand for refurbished laptops and smartphones.
Cashify to open 250 stores by March 2023, expand footprint in 30 cities by year end
Cashify, a marketplace for gadgets trade-ins and buybacks in India, has raised $90 million in a new financing round as it looks to expand its business in the world’s second-largest smartphone market.
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    The Charm Of Refurbished Smart Watches

    Refurbished smartwatches have emerged as a practical and affordable option for tech enthusiasts who desire the features and functionality of a modern wearable without the hefty cost. These smartwatches undergo a meticulous refurbishment process, including thorough testing, repairs, and restoration, to ensure they meet stringent quality standards. This process addresses any potential issues and guarantees that the smartwatch functions seamlessly, offering a seamless and reliable user experience. Opting for a refurbished smartwatch allows you to access advanced features like health tracking, notifications, and app integration at a fraction of the price of a new device, making it an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts, professionals, and individuals looking to embrace wearable technology.

    Why Choose to buy a Refurbished Smartwatch?

    Affordability: Refurbished smartwatches offer a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of wearable technology without breaking the bank.

    Quality and Reliability: Reputable refurbishment processes ensure that the smartwatch is thoroughly tested and repaired, providing a reliable and high-performing device.

    Access to Premium Features: Refurbished smartwatches grant access to advanced features such as fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, GPS navigation, and notifications at a fraction of the cost.

    Environmental Impact:Choosing a refurbished smartwatch contributes to reducing electronic waste and conserving valuable resources, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

    Upgrade Opportunities: Upgrading to a refurbished smartwatch allows you to explore new features and designs without the full price commitment of a brand-new device.

    5 Reason to Choose Cashify for Refurbished Smartwatches

    Cashify stands as a reliable destination for your refurbished smartwatch needs. Make a smart choice for your wrist and the planet by exploring the world of refurbished smartwatches today.

    Quality Assurance:

    Cashify strongly emphasises quality, subjecting each refurbished smartwatch to rigorous testing and repairs to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


    Detailed information about each refurbished smartwatch's specifications, condition, and included accessories is readily available, enabling you to make an informed decision.

    Variety and Choice:

    With a wide range of brands, models, and styles, Cashify offers a variety of options to cater to diverse preferences and requirements.

    Cost Savings:

    Buying a refurbished smartwatch from Cashify allows you to access cutting-edge wearable technology at a fraction of the cost of brand-new devices, making it an economical choice.


    By opting for a refurbished smartwatch, you actively contribute to reducing electronic waste and promoting sustainable consumption, aligning your tech choices with environmental responsibility.